Healthwatch Dorset Customer Feedback Survey

Monday 14th August (10:29) - Friday 6th October 2017 (23:59)

A message from Dorset County Council and Poole and Bournemouth Borough Councils

Healthwatch Dorset is the local, independent watchdog for health and social care in the County. Its aim is to give local people a powerful voice regarding health and social care services. It is the responsibility of each local council to make arrangements for there to be a local Healthwatch in its own area. In Dorset’s case, three local councils – Dorset County Council and Poole and Bournemouth Borough Councils – made joint arrangements for one local Healthwatch (Healthwatch Dorset) to operate across their areas. The three councils awarded a contract to a partnership of three local charities (Help and Care, Citizens Advice in Dorset and Dorset Race Equality Council) to provide the Healthwatch Dorset service.

Healthwatch Dorset supports local people to get the best out of their health and social care services, by working towards improving current services and helping shape future services. By taking part in this survey, you will be helping to decide what the service should look like in the future and making sure the views and experiences of local people are taken into account.

If you have had any contact with Healthwatch Dorset and would like to give feedback on them, please take part in the survey which closes on Friday 6th October.

The information you provide is anonymous and will help us understand what works and what doesn’t. It will become part of a final report to the three local councils, which will reflect the success of the current contract and will make recommendations to have an even more focused and successful contract for the future after 2019 when the current contract ends.

On behalf of Dorset County Council and Bournemouth and Poole Borough Councils, thank you in advance for your time in completing this survey.