Questions, Petitions and Deputations

How to get involved in democracy

You can organise a petition, make a deputation or ask a question to any Panel, Board, Full Council or Cabinet meeting. You must give at least one clear days' notice in writing. 


Any member of the public whose name is on the current Electoral Role for Bournemouth can ask a question about the general work or procedures of the council and on matters that the full Council, Cabinet, Overview and Scrutiny Panel have control of. 


If you’re concerned about a council service or think there’s an issue in Bournemouth, you can organise a petition for people to sign. You can then present this to the Mayor or councillors at a meeting.  


If you’d like to speak about a particular subject at a council meeting, this is called a deputation. To make a deputation, complete the Deputation form, giving at least one days' notice

Up to three people can speak about the deputation at the meeting. The deputation should last for no more than five minutes.