Population and Migration

Population and migration in Bournemouth


In Mid-2016, Bournemouth had an estimated population of 193,700.  Please note this figure has been revised downwards by 4,000 compared with the previous Mid-2016 estimate by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).  For a summary and explanation of the changes please see the Insight Briefing Report

In terms of population density, the most populated ward is Boscombe West with 106 persons per hectare. The least populated is East Southbourne and Tuckton with 22 people per hectare. The Borough as a whole has an average population density of 41 persons per hectare.

The latest Population Trends document for Bournemouth can be accessed here.

Births and deaths

Since 2007 the number of births has outnumbered deaths in Bournemouth.  This trend has continued with 2,264 births and 2,044 deaths in 2015. 



From mid-2015 to mid-2016, national and international migration and other changes meant that around 1,700 more residents moved to Bournemouth. 

The largest group of migrants moving from elsewhere in the UK are aged 16-24 as students move to Bournemouth for university. 

There’s a growing diverse ethnic community in Bournemouth.