Mayor-Making and Annual Civic Service

The new Mayor welcomes everyone to attend the Mayor Making and Annual Civic Service

Mayor-Making Ceremony

The Mayor-Making Ceremony, called the inauguration, takes place during the Annual Council Meeting, which is usually held on the last Friday in May. 

The meeting usually takes place in the Pavilion Theatre. Members of the public are welcome to attend. If you would like to attend, please arrive by 11.00 am. The meeting usually finishes around 12.00pm.

For more details, call: 01202 454935. 

Annual Civic Service

Held at St Peter's Church, the Annual Civic Service welcomes the new Mayor of Bournemouth. It usually takes place on the first Sunday morning after the inauguration of the new Mayor.

Everyone is welcome to attend this special morning Service. Alternatively, call: 01202 454935 for details of the times.

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