Role of the Mayor

What does the Mayor do?

The Mayor represents the Council and the people of Bournemouth. As our leading citizen, they act as a public relations officer for the Town.

Their role is to chair Full Council Meetings, preside over Citizenship Ceremonies, promote local businesses and charities, open events and welcome visitors. The role of Mayor is non-political.

The Mayor attends a variety of engagements and helps to promote Bournemouth. They may also attend events within neighbouring areas. 

The Mayor will: 

  •        Act as an Ambassador for Bournemouth
  •        Open a number of conferences in the town.
  •        Open / attend a wide various of events.
  •        Entertain guests in the Mayor's Parlour at the Town Hall.

The Mayoral Insignia

On Civic occasions, The Mayor may wear a ceremonial robe and The Badge and Chain of Office.    

The Mace 

Bournemouth’s Mace is of Silver Gilt, is 36" long and in three parts. It was presented to the Borough in 1890 by Sir Merton Russell-Cotes, FRGS, and is engraved with the name of the first Mayor of Bournemouth, Mr T J Hankinson, FSI.