All authorities in England are being encouraged to provide open data as part of the government's transparency agenda

Some of the data that the Government has determined that all authorities should provide is available on our site in varying formats:                

  • CSV - This format can be imported into most spreadsheet and database software                  
  • Excel - This is a Microsoft Office application but can also be read by various other spreadsheet software.                  
  • XML - This format can be imported into most modern spreadsheet and database software and can be supported by a host of other software, please read your software help guide for information on whether it accepts this format.                  
  • PDF In some cases there may be a need for us to put certain policies on our website. In these cases we will supply it in this format which can be read by all PDF reader software which is freely available on the internet.                  

Any data provided by us is covered by the UK Open Government License unless otherwise stated.