Community Right to Challenge

Submitting your expression of interest

If you or your organisation want to offer a service in Bournemouth, you’ll have to complete an expression of interest form 

Our management team will consider your expression of interest. They will then choose to do one of three things.


We will accept your expression of interest if you have proven that you can offer the relevant service. Once your expression has been accepted, a procurement exercise will begin to find the best provider of that service.

Accept with modifications

We may accept your expression of interest with modifications if, without these changes, we would otherwise reject it. If we can’t agree these changes, we may reject your expression of interest.


We will reject your expression of interest if: 

  • It doesn’t comply with any of the requirements in the Act or regulations.
  • We think the expression is inadequate or wrong.
  • We think your organization, or a contractor / partner involved in delivery, is not suitable.
  • We have already decided to  stop providing the service
  • The service is provided to people also receiving linked health services and the linking of these services is essential to their well being.
  • We are already advertising the service to potential providers.
  • We are already in negotiation - partially in writing - with a third party about offering the service.
  • We have published our intention to consider the service to be provided by a body two or more employees propose to set up
  • We believe the expression of interest is not serious, or made in order to cause difficulty
  • We think that acceptance is likely to lead to a breach of a legal duty

If we reject your expression of interest, we have to publish the decision and why we choose to reject it. 

We will tell you about our decision and update the Expression of Interest Register, which will also show our decision.