Get Involved

Ways to have your say in how Bournemouth is run

Bournemouth 2026 Partnership

Bournemouth 2026 is a community development and land trust charity. It works to create a sustainable community strategy for the future. 

If you’re part of a community group, consider joining the Bournemouth 2026 partnership:

  • You’ll get to share best practice ideas with others
  • You’ll get to make important contacts
  • You’ll get a chance to engage in working partnerships 

There are two ways to get involved:   


Your local councillor represents your community at our meetings. If there’s an issue in your area, you can tell them about it. 

Community meetings

You can tell us and other service providers about issues in your area at a community meeting. These are run by residents and supported by councillors.   

Council housing tenants

If you’re a council housing tenant and you want to get more involved with decisions that affect you, find out more here

Deputations and petitions

Deputations (an individual or group representing others) can appear at panels, boards, council or cabinet meetings. This needs to be arranged before the meeting. 

You can show a petition to panels, boards, council or cabinet meeting. This needs to be arranged before the meeting. The issues raised by a petition won’t be brought up during the meeting. Instead, they will be brought up at the end so councillors or council officers can thoroughly respond to it. 

Learn more about deputations and petitions

Overview and scrutiny panel reviews

We encourage everyone to get involved with our overview and scrutiny process. You’ll get a chance to share your concerns and make a difference in Bournemouth. 

Contact your local councillor or the Overview & Scrutiny Team

Councillors will look at all the concerns and decide what needs improving. 

School governors

School governors are people from school communities making positive contributions to children's education through group decisions. To be a governor, you must be at least eighteen-years-old. 

Your responsibilities would include helping plan a school's strategic direction, making sure there is accountability and evaluating a school’s overall performance.

Learn more about becoming a School Governor.

Healthwatch Dorset

Healthwatch is an independent consumer champion that collects and represents the public’s views. In Dorset, Healthwatch can help local people make the most of health and social care services.  

Find out more about Healthwatch Dorset.