Population Estimates

The Office for National Statistics makes annual estimates of the population of Bournemouth

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) makes annual estimates for the population of Bournemouth in the middle of each year. The last estimate was for June 2017.

Mid-2017 Population Estimates
  Persons ('000s) Males ('000s) Females ('000s)
Bournemouth 194.8 97.9 96.8
Poole 151.3 74.5 76.8
Dorset 424.7 207.3 217.3
South West 5,559.3 2,734.2 2,825.1
England & Wales 58,744.6 29,021.3 29,723.3

Please note that ONS have revised the Mid-2012-2016 estimates, released in March 2018

Source: ONS, Crown Copyright, 2018


Estimates for 2001-2017 for Bournemouth and comparison areas

Mid-2009-2017 Population Estimates for Bournemouth

A report on Population Trends in Bournemouth is produced annually.

Historic population of Bournemouth 1801-2017