Statistics help us to prepare for the future. We use statistics such as Census data and information about the local population and economy to make decisions about our services. This information ensures resources are used as effectively as possible.  For statistics on BCP Council please visit the new BCP Council website


You can find information and statistics on Censuses here. This includes the latest 2011 Census results.

Ward Profiles

Ward Profiles for Bournemouth. Information including population, school data and tenure in each ward in Bournemouth.

Population and migration

Bournemouth had an estimated population of 194,800 in mid-2017. Population growth is driven by the increased birth rate and migration.

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Find information from the latest Joint Strategic Needs Assessment or JSNA for Bournemouth and how we identify Bournemouth's top health concerns.


Data on population, the local economy, crime and safety, education, housing and tourism in Bournemouth


Our statistics pages are organised into datasets and themes. Datasets can be accessed here including the Index of Multiple Deprivation.

Facts About Bournemouth

Key demographic and geographic facts for Bournemouth borough including population, employment rates and travel statistics.

Useful Statistics Sites

You can find statistics for Bournemouth and other local areas here.