Statistics relating to the local and national economy


Bournemouth has a large tourist sector. In more recent years, financial services and public sector have also grown. The town has more activity in these areas when compared to the rest of England and Wales. 

It has less activity in the transport, communications and manufacturing sectors.

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Gross Value Added

We use Gross Value Added (GVA) to get an idea of how Bournemouth and Poole’s economy is doing. This also shows us which sectors are responsible for creating the most growth. 

Business births and deaths

Our Business Demography statistics show the state of the economy. The latest data (2017) shows there the number of new firms starting up continues to exceed firms closing.  The number of active enterprises in Bournemouth is higher than 2009 levels. 

Property prices

The latest house price data for the year ending March 2017 shows there were 3,539 housing sales. The mean price was £259,570.  

Employment land monitoring

Our Authority Monitoring Report has a summary of the local economy. It also has information on employment sites available, land developed and its location.

Bournemouth Economic Bulletin

There’s a summary of the local economy in the latest Economic Bulletin (Autumn 2017).