Boundaries in Bournemouth

Local authority

Bournemouth Borough is 4,617 hectares (17.83 square miles). It covers 1.7% of Dorset, including Bournemouth and Poole, and contains 23.3% of its population. 


Bournemouth has eighteen wards. Boscombe West is the smallest at 101 ha. East Southbourne and Tuckton is the largest at 512 ha.  

Boscombe West also has the smallest population at 8,115. East Cliff and Springbourne has the largest at 11,225.  The electorate in each ward elects three councillors every four years.

Output Areas and Super Output Areas

Output Areas (OAs) are the building units for Census information. Bournemouth currently has 594 OAs created in 2011, there were 579 in 2001. 

Super Output Areas (SOAs) are groups of OAs. 

Lower Super Output Areas (LSOAs) are groups of approximately 5 OAs, with an average population of 1,500 people. 

There are usually 4 - 5 LSOAs in each ward. There are currently 110 LSOAs (see map) in Bournemouth created for the 2011 Census ( there were 107 in 2001). Our Research and Information team has named the 2011 LSOAs.

Middle Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) have an average population of 7,200 people. Bournemouth has 23 MSOAs (there were 22 in 2001). These have also been mapped. 

Please note that the increases in numbers of the different geographies is to create a balanced population so for example if the population of one LSOA has increased significantly that geography may be split into two.  For some older datasets the older geographies are still being used.