Labour Market

Employment statistics for Bournemouth

Bournemouth has a resident population of 194,800, 126,900 (65%) are of working age (16-64), this is a slightly higher percentage than England and Wales.  

The Annual Population Survey (APS) estimates that 82,300 people in Bournemouth are employees, while 16,600 are self-employed. The APS estimates around 4,200 people are unemployed (4%).  The employment rate is around 76%. This is slightly higher than England and Wales which has a rate of 75%.  

The claimant rate in March 2018 was 1.7% compared with 2.1% for the UK.

Local jobs

Bournemouth full-time residents earn an average of £556.50 per week. The UK average is £569.0. Those working full-time in Bournemouthearn an average of £560.40 per week according to 2018 figures. 

Around 94% of jobs are in the service sector compared with 85% in England and Wales.  The manufacturing sector is responsible for 2% of employment, compared to over 8% in the rest of England and Wales.  The construction sector makes up 3% of employment, compared to 5% in rest of England and Wales.  In contrast the financial and insurance sector makes up 10% of employment in Bournemouth compared to just 4% in England and Wales. 

You can find information on the labour market on the National Statistics website. 

A Labour Market Profile for Bournemouth and its wards is on the NOMIS website.