Data on population, the local economy, crime and safety, education, housing and more

The themes in the statistics pages have the following data: 

Commerce, Retail, Energy and Industry - annual business Inquiry data, the floorspace and rateable value report, retail information, Trading Standards figures and Commercial Development Monitoring. 

Crime and Safety - Dorset Fire and Rescue and Dorset Police statistics. 

Economy - employment and commercial land reports, house price data, VAT registrations and socio-economic groups. 

Education and Training - education establishments, skills and training areas (Indices of Deprivation); Higher Education; and Schools. 

Employment Land Monitoring - Monitoring of commercial land to show what has been developed on an annual basis. 

Finance, Government and Public Sector - spending, budgets, Council Tax, business rates, Dorset Police financial data, environment tax, financial reserves, staff numbers, outstanding debts and waste disposal information. 

Geographies - boundaries for Bournemouth, Dorset, the South West and England and Wales. 

Health, Social and Welfare - benefit data, the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), hospitals, households, deprivation and social services. 

Housing - house prices, numbers of dwelling built in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole and housing land supply reports. 

Labour Market - annual business inquiry data, activity rates, employment, earnings and unemployment. 

Natural and Built Environment - conservation areas, environmental law, generalised land use statistics and planning decisions. 

Population and Migration - population estimates, births, electoral roll populations, marriages, migration flows and mortality. 

Transport and Travel - accidents and casualties, Bournemouth Airport statistics, cars per households, rail journeys to and from Bournemouth, traffic speeds and travelling to work. 

Tourism – business earnings and spending, employment and income supported by tourism, holidays and tourism statistics.