Climate Change and Carbon Reduction

We can help our planet if we reduce the amount of carbon dioxide we produce

Every time we burn fossil fuels (gas, coal or oil) carbon dioxide and other green house gasses (GHGs) are released into the atmosphere. Normally carbon dioxide is safely re-absorbed by plants and trees. But we’re burning fossil fuels at such a rate that the trees and plants can’t soak up all the carbon dioxide.


Climate Change

All this extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere makes the temperature of the planet increase. This is called global warming and is recognised as a cause of the changing climate.


Extreme weather

Global warming makes weather more unpredictable and extreme. Globally, we can expect more floods and hurricanes, heat waves and droughts.

To reduce the risk of extreme weather, we need to reduce the amount of fossil fuel we are now burning.

Bournemouth has joined the Compact of Mayors to demonstrate progress in reducing carbon emissions and has achieved the highest standard possible.

Read Bournemouth's Climate Change Strategy to find out more.