Tourism, Hospitality and The Environment

In a highly competitive travel market it is vital to promote Bournemouth as a ‘green destination’

Tourism is one of the largest contributors to our local economy and generates jobs for thousands of local people. Making this sector more sustainable will have a big effect on our environment, reducing the town’s carbon emissions and the amount of waste we produce.

Bournemouth as a green destination

Eco-tourism is a quickly growing market. Improving our green tourism offer will help to protect our local environment and boost the local economy.

In a highly competitive travel market, it is vital to promote Bournemouth as a ‘green destination’. Statistics show that 49% of consumers take note of green values when making a decision about whether to buy.

The town has Blue Flags awarded for the cleanliness of its 10 miles of golden beaches and Green Flags for its parks and gardens. In addition to this, the beautiful New Forest National Park and the stunning Jurassic Coastline are right on its doorstep.

Challenges to tourism in Bournemouth

One of the biggest challenges to the tourism and hospitality sector is changing weather patterns due to global climate change. Some of the affects of climate change include hotter and drier summers, milder wetter winters, higher sea levels and more frequent and intense weather events.

Some of the ways that Bournemouth Tourism will be tackling the effects of climate change are:

  • Providing more wet weather attractions for visitors.
  • Harvesting rain water for use in outdoor areas.
  • Fitting flood prevention measures such as temporary flood gates.