Air Quality In Bournemouth

Managing air quality in Bournemouth

Air quality affects everyone. Under environmental law, we have to regularly review and assess air quality in this area. If we find that is exceeding the required air quality levels then we must declare an Air Quality Management Area.

In Bournemouth there are currently no exceedances of the required air quality standards and we are working hard to ensure that we regularly review the areas that we are monitoring for air quality. We also work closely with our Planning and Traffic departments to ensure that there is a focus on air quality, particularly in new planning developments or road schemes.

Targeted Feasibility Study

Bournemouth Borough Council (BBC) is required to address the ministerial direction to identify options to deliver air quality improvements and achieve compliance with the European Union (EU) Ambient Air Quality Directive 2008/50/EC as quickly as possible.  A copy of the feasibility study can be viewed.

Targeted air quality feasibility study 2018

Air quality feasibility study executive summary note