Air Quality In Bournemouth

Managing air quality in Bournemouth

Air quality affects everyone. Under environmental law, we have to regularly review and assess air quality in this area. If we find that is exceeding the required air quality levels then we must declare an Air Quality Management Area.

In Bournemouth there are currently no exceedances of the required air quality standards and we are working hard to ensure that we regularly review the areas that we are monitoring for air quality. We also work closely with our Planning and Traffic departments to ensure that there is a focus on air quality, particularly in new planning developments or road schemes.

UPDATE - concerns about air quality

We are frequently being asked questions following newspaper reports indicating that there are concerns about air quality in Bournemouth.

A report from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ‘UK plan for tackling roadside nitrogen dioxide concentrations’ July 2017 detailed that Bournemouth could have forecasted by computer modelling that one or more roads in Bournemouth could exceed the statutory limit.

We have had discussions with Defra on their computer modelling and have learnt that the model has predicted that an elevated stretch of the Wessex Way near to the Cooper Dean Roundabout may exceed the required level. Our passive monitoring tubes located on Castle Lane do not indicate any exceedance.

This was the only area of concern in Bournemouth highlighted from the modelling and we have not had any exceedances of the required standard anywhere in Bournemouth.

We will continue to review our passive monitoring sites and may put in some additional monitoring sites however the report also indicates that 2021 the levels would be below the required standard. The report UK plan for tackling roadside nitrogen dioxide concentrations can be viewed on the Defra website.