Climate Change in Bournemouth

Action to ensure the future success and sustainability of Bournemouth

In Bournemouth we are already feeling the effects with rising temperatures, heat waves, and more frequent winter storms. These impact on our lives, our environment and the economy. Read Bournemouth’s Climate Change Strategy 2016-2020.

The key issues

A local climate impact profile on the impact of extreme weather in Bournemouth shows the most significant weather risks and impacts for the town are:

  • Heavy rainfall and surface water flooding
  • Storms, gales and high speed winds

This extreme weather could cause disruptions or damage to power supplies, communication systems and transport infrastructure.

How we are responding to climate change

Adapting to climate change and tackling its causes is a high priority for the Council. We are working to protect Bournemouth’s key assets and services against the impacts of extreme weather and climate change.

We have assessed the specific risks climate change presents to each of our services. In the near-term (up to 2015) and medium-term (up to 2050s). We have developed action plans for each service. This allows them to function effectively no matter what kind of extreme weather we experience.


We have identified the following areas as priorities for action:

  • Surface flood water management
  • Tourism
  • Public health
  • Green infrastructure
  • Built infrastructure
  • Council services
  • Sustainable food

In response we have put strategies in place to prepare for and prevent further climate change. These include:

Green Infrastructure Strategy

Green infrastructure is a network of green spaces. It uses vegetation, soils, and natural processes to manage water and create healthier urban environments. We’ve developed a Green Infrastructure Strategy for South East Dorset to promote the importance of green infrastructure.

Green infrastructure has many benefits; it helps us manage flood risks and tackle climate change. We’ve already made significant progress in improving our resilience to coastal erosion and surface water flooding.

Local transport

We are committed to ensuring that vital public services are kept running as normal during the winter across Bournemouth. 

We also need to carry out more investigations into how we deal with hotter summer temperatures and reduced summer rainfalls. These can lead to road surfaces melting, rail tracks buckling and subsidence of pavements and carriageways.