How We're Responding to Climate Change

Different agencies and groups are creating strategies to respond to climate change in our area

At Bournemouth Council, we are not the only ones planning our response to the risks of climate change. Across Bournemouth different agencies and groups are creating strategies to respond to climate change in our area.


There is a NHS Bournemouth and Poole Heatwave Plan to help residents when there’s a heatwave. This raises awareness of the risks relating to severe hot weather. It tells individuals and organisations what to do to reduce those risks.


Wessex Water has a plan for climate change that sets out a long term water resources plan.


The Bournemouth Affordable Warmth Partnership aims to get rid of fuel poverty in Bournemouth. We help agencies reach vulnerable households and provide the best possible coordinated assistance.

Find information and useful winter survival tips about how to keep your home warm and healthy.


Potentially the greatest early impact of global warming will be on food supply. To prepare for food shortages and price rises, local food growing will be actively encouraged.

Local Business

For local businesses, the challenges and opportunities will be different depending on the sector they operate in.


Bournemouth and Poole tourism sectors are responding to the threats and opportunities of climate change for the local tourism industry.

Disaster recovery

The Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Local Resilience Forum exists to help our area recover from disaster by rebuilding, restoring and rehabilitating the community following an emergency or disaster.