How You Can Prepare for Climate Change

Here are some ideas on how you can adapt to the changes

In Bournemouth we are already feeling the effects of climate change with rising temperatures, heat waves, and more frequent winter storms impacting our lives.

Winter weather

Climate change can lead to colder winters in Bournemouth.

Find information and useful winter survival tips about how to keep your home warm and healthy.

Summer weather

Climate change can lead to heat waves in Bournemouth.

Visit the Sunsmart website for advice on staying safe in the sun. It has videos that can be downloaded by teachers and parents to raise awareness of safety in the sun for children.


Check if you are at risk from flooding and sign up for free flood warnings.

Please tell us about any local flooding incidents as soon as you can.


Support the Big Dig campaign, grow your own food and buy it locally produced.

Shop at the Bournemouth Food Assembly to support local farmers, and buy Fairtrade to help improve social and environmental standards in developing countries.


If you are in business, the challenges and opportunities will be different depending on the sector you operate in.

Expert guidance

Visit the National Health Protection Agency website for excellent information, guidance and tips for organisations, businesses and members of the public on Extreme Weather Events and Natural Disasters.