Flooding in Bournemouth

Advice and information to help protect your home or business

Over the last couple of years we’ve had some major flooding incidents, we need your help to prevent flooding as much as possible.

We share the information we gather about local flooding with the Environment Agency and water authorities to manage flood risks by highlighting areas most likely to flood.

All reports made to us are confidential. If you report a flood to us we'll only share information about the flooded area and not your details.

Our Flood Advisory Group discuss and plan how we deal with flooding in Bournemouth.


From previous experience we've found that sandbags aren't effective. We don't have a legal duty to provide sandbags and other flood defence equipment to residents or businesses.

How you can protect your home or business against flood damage

We can only provide general advice and information about flooding. If you think your property is at risk of flooding, speak to us and we may be able to provide engineering advice on how you can reduce the risk.

You can also find out more online to help protect your home and business: 

  • Flood preparation advice
  • The Environment Agency
  • Areas at risk of main river & coastal flooding

Insurance if you live in a flood risk area or have made a flood claim

Flood Re has been set up to help insurers provide affordable home insurance for people who live in a flood risk area. 

If your home meets the Flood Re criteria, then contact insurers who are participating in the scheme.