Flood Reporting

If you see a flood or an area that looks likely to flood soon, please report it

This could include water coming up out of drains or manholes or severely blocked gutters and drains.

It would be really helpful if you include as much detail about the area as possible. If you can send a photo that would be even better and leave your contact information, just in case we need help finding the area.

Who to report a flood to

Different organisations and people are responsible for different areas that may be flooded.

If you see flooding on a highway contact us, we'll need to investigate the cause.

  • Drains on roads: select the green REPORT button on this page.
  • Main rivers and coastal flooding is The Environment Agency. You can call their 24 hour help line to report floods 0345 922 3111. The only main river in Bournemouth is the River Stour.
  • Small rivers, streams and ditches: These are the responsibility of whoever owns the land. If the land keeps flooding, or you’re not sure who owns it then call us and we’ll investigate.
  • Water mains and pipes: Bournemouth Water are responsible for fixing and maintaining Bournemouth’s water pipes. You can call their Leakline 0800 5878 979 or use the report form on their website.
  • Sewers: Wessex Water are responsible for Bournemouth's sewage pipes, but if you have a leak or overflow on your own property, this could be your responsibility.

Please note that if you have a basement in your property it is your responsibility to make sure it is waterproof and prevent it from becoming flooded.