Apply for Planning Permission

When you apply, make sure that you send us all the relevant documents. We’ll let you know if anything is missing. We view your proposal against our Local Plan policies. We’ll also let you know when we put up your planning documents for public viewing.

Planning Redaction Request

Apply to request removal of personal/sensitive information from a planning application, comment or response to a consultation

Making a Planning Application

Learn which application you need for different types of building work. We can help you with advice.

Pre-application advice

Let us help you with planning advice before you apply - it could save time, money and effort

Planning Performance Agreements (PPA)

PPAs are a useful project management tool for some major planning application proposals. Find out about the process and benefits of using a PPA

Permitted Development

Certain types of minor changes can be made to your property without having to apply for planning permission using your permitted development rights.

Planning Briefs for Sites

Information on the policies that cover individual sites

Planning Policy

Bournemouth has many different planning policy documents. You can see them all here

Postal Numbers, Property Names and Street Names

Information on how to number your new development, give your house a name or rename your street

Public Right of Way

Will your development affect a public right of way? There are steps we can take to divert the right of way, or refuse your development

Planning Validation Guidance

Advice on fees and what supporting information to include with your application. Find out what you need to send in with your planning application.

Planning Application Register

Please follow this link to view the online register of planning applications where you can view plans and supporting documents