Planning Policy

Policies for future land use and development

Setting the framework for future development

The Planning Policy team produce our policies for future land use and development. These policies tackle a wide range of land-use issues, such as housing, transport, the economy, conservation and recreation and leisure.

The Local Development Framework Steering Group oversees and advises the production of our planning policy documents.  The Local Plan indicates what types of development we permit and where development is likely to take place.

Supporting documents

We’re also responsible for preparing Supplementary Planning Documents that provide additional information on Local Plan policies and proposals. Planning Guidance Notes provide a best practice framework for development in Bournemouth. These are taken into account when considering planning applications.

We prepare a range of other planning documents including setting the Community Infrastructure Levy and other financial contributions.

Planning Policy consultations, both current and closed, can be tracked on the consultations page.

Full details of planning policy documents can be viewed on the Planning Policy pages. A summary is provided in the table below.


Policy type

Policy   name


Local Plan Documents

Core Strategy

Adopted October 2012

 Development Management Policy DPD


Town Centre Area Action Plan

Adopted March 2013

Affordable Housing DPD

Adopted December 2009

Bournemouth District Wide Local Plan

In the process of being   superseded by the Local Plan. Some saved policies are still in effect.

Gypsy and Traveller Site Allocation DPD



Other planning documents

 Community Infrastructure   Levy

 Adopted Jan 2016.  Takes effect from 1st March 2016

Minerals and Waste Planning   Framework


Article 4 Direction – Houses   in Multiple Occupation

Confirmed May 2011

Strategic Housing Land   Availability Assessment

Base date 31st March 2015

Sustainability Appraisal

Updated June 2013

Authority Monitoring Report

Updated March 2014

Local Development Scheme

Approved June 2014

Statement of Community   Involvement

Adopted January 2015

Supplementary   Planning Documents



















Supplementary   Planning Guidance 




Dorset Heathlands Planning   Framework SPD 2015 - 20

Adopted January 2016

Affordable Housing


Adopted April 2010

Bournemouth Public Realm   Strategy SPD

Adopted April 2013

Former Cliff End Hotel Site   Development Brief SPD 

Adopted July 2013

South East Dorset Transport   Contributions Scheme 2

Adopted April 2014

 Bournemouth Town Centre   Development Design Guide SPD

 Adopted April 2015

Bournemouth Parking SPD

Adopted July 2014

Tourism SPG

Adopted March 2004

Conversion to Flats SPG

Adopted July 1999

Day Nurseries and Playgroups   SPG

Adopted January 2001

Planning Guidance Notes







Sustainable Urban Drainage   Systems

Adopted November 2003

Residential Development: A   Design Guide

Adopted September 2008

Residential Extensions: A   Guide for Householders

Adopted September 2008