Pre-application advice

Let us help you with your planning application

Need planning permission? Why not contact the council to discuss your planning proposals before you submit an application? Good quality advice and guidance on the planning application process.

5 reasons to choose Pre-Application Advice:

  1. Reduce professional advisor times and costs
  2. Find out what other specialist advice you need up front, for example, listed building issues, tree issues, whether developer contributions will apply
  3. Professional advice and guidance on preparing and completing your application, plans and supporting information
  4. Prevents you putting in an application that will not be permitted and provides an opportunity to make changes to your proposal that may make it more likely to be granted planning permission
  5. Saves time, money and effort

How to apply

To apply download a pre-application enquiry pack. The pack contains further details about the service, prices and a request form.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the size and type of development you’re proposing and whether the advice is given by letter or in a meeting with a planning officer. The prices in the table below are for advice by letter and include VAT. Meetings and follow up letters will cost more.

Pre-Application Advice Costs
Householder  Householder developments. For example: extensions to dwellings, construction of garages or conservatories £60 
 Small 1 to 9 new residential units or small commercial projects   FROM £180
 Medium 10 to 24 new residential units or 1,000 m2 to 1,999 m2 commercial  FROM £360 
 Large 25 or more new residential units or more than 2,000 m2 commercial   FROM £720

Tourist Accommodation Screening Panel

As specified in the Tourist Accommodation SPD, applicants can at the pre-application stage use the Tourist Accommodation Screening Panel to establish whether or not a full statement of viability evidence is required as part of a planning application. Find out more about the SPD and Screening Panel here.

The following charges apply to applicants to cover administration costs of the Screening Panel and attendance by Panel Members. (All VAT has been calculated at the rate of 20%).

1. Major Scale Pre- Applications (involving tourist accommodation of 25+ beds): £1,200 + VAT (£1,440)

2. Medium Scale Pre- Applications (involving tourist accommodation of 10 - 24 beds): £600 + VAT (£720)

3. Small Scale Pre- Applications (involving tourist accommodation of 9 beds and less): £300 + VAT (£360)

More advice

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