Public Right of Way

What we can do if your development affects a Public Right of Way

When you apply for planning permission, you need to check whether your proposed plan will affect a public right of way.  A ‘Public Right of Way’ (PROW) could be a pavement, footpath or a road.

If your development does affect a public right of way, we may be able to make a Public Path Order (PPO), this would allow the diversion of a public way. We'll refuse applications when a diversion isn’t possible.

For best practice, follow this checklist

  • Take account of national and local planning guidance.
  • Check if a PROW, claim or anomaly affects the development site.
  • Consider if new PROW can be incorporated.
  • Design the layout to take account of any existing PROW.
  • Leave sufficient time to implement changes to PROW.
  • Talk to Officers to ensure best practice is followed.

Read the legislation on Public Rights of Way.