Churchill Gardens Management Plan

Actions to guide the future of the Conservation Area

The Management Plan for Churchill Gardens was adopted at Full Council on 19th January 2016. This follows stakeholder and public consultation during the summer of 2015 and suggested amendments resulting from the consultation.

The Management Plan provides clarity on the future management of this historic area. It addresses the issues previously identified in the Conservation Area Appraisal adopted by the Council in December 2013.


The Appraisal and this draft Management Plan have been prepared in support of the work of the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership and potential future funding bids. They are part of the holistic and partnership working approach that is being taken towards the social, economic and environmental issues identified in the wider Boscombe area. This includes provision of good quality affordable housing and reduction in the number of HMOs.

We have adopted Boscombe Regeneration Partnership’s ‘Boscombe Commitment 2015-2020’ (April 2015). This includes heritage as a key component for regeneration as well as specifically seeking the preparation of a Management Plan for Churchill Gardens.

The Management Plan will be used to guide future environmental improvements and enhancements to buildings and the public realm (streets and green space).

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