Conservation Areas in Bournemouth

Areas of special architectural and historical importance

Public Consultation on Three Consultation Areas

We are currently consulting on three consultation areas - Old Christchurch Road, East Cliff and West Cliff and Poole Hill. The consultation will run until 31st August 2018. To view the consultation documents and make comments please go to Public Consultation on Three Consultation Areas

Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are designated because we think that their particular character is valuable and should be preserved. Where development is proposed in a conservation area – whether it is alterations to an existing building or development of new buildings – it should be in keeping with the special character of that area. There are specific policies in the Local Plan relating to development in conservation areas.

If your property is in a conservation area, the kind of minor work that you can carry out without planning permission is also more limited than elsewhere. Further advice on permitted development in conservation areas is available on the planning portal website or you can use our enquiry service. Conservation areas are shown hatched in blue on the maps below.

How we assess Conservation Areas

Character studies help us to understand the historic nature and importance of the area. They are helpful if an appraisal hasn’t been carried out, but they don’t fully reflect best practice guidance and latest policy, which may have changed since the study was completed.

Conservation area appraisals are more in depth than character studies and identify the key features that make the area significant. When preparing conservation area appraisals, we will also produce management plans. These set out the way in which development pressure and neglect will be managed to ensure conservation areas retain the qualities that led to their designation.

We are working towards producing appraisals and management plans for all of Bournemouth’s conservation areas.

Bournemouth currently has twenty conservation areas, which are listed below with links to the available guidance documents.

Conservation Areas

Name of conservation area (year of designation)

Available Documents

Boscombe Manor (1993)

Map and Summary of Boscombe Manor

Boscombe Spa (1994)

Map and Summary of Boscombe Spa

Churchill Gardens (1993)

Map of Churchill Gardens

Conservation Area Appraisal for Churchill Gardens

Management Plan Churchill Gardens

Dean Park (1993)

Map and Summary Dean Park

East Cliff (1987)

Map and Summary of East Cliff

Holdenhurst Village (1974)

Map of Holdenhurst Village

Conservation Area Appraisal for Holdenhurst Village

Knole Road (1993)

Map of Knole Road

Character Study of Knole Road

Meyrick Park and Talbot Woods (1988)

Map of Meyrick Park and Talbot Woods

Conservation Area Appraisal for Meyrick Park and Talbot Woods

Muscliff Lane (1992)

Map of Muscliff Lane

Character Study for Muscliff Lane

Old Christchurch Road (1993)

Map and Summary of Old Christchurch Road

(Appraisal and Management Plan under way)

Portchester Road (1993)

Map of Portchester Road

Conservation Area Appraisal for Portchester Road

The Saints (1987)

Map of The Saints

Character Study for The Saints

Southbourne Grove (1993)

Map and Summary Southbourne Grove

Talbot Village (1975)

Map of Talbot Village

Conservation Area Appraisal

Management Plan for Talbot Village

Throop and Muccleshell Villages (1975)

Map and Summary of Throop and Muccleshell Villages

Undercliff Road (1990)

Map and Summary of Undercliff Road

West Cliff and Poole Hill (1989)

Map and Summary of West Cliff and Poole Hill

West Overcliff Drive (1987)

Map and Summary of West Overcliff Drive

Westbourne (1993)

Map and Summary of Westbourne

Wick Village (1985)

Map and Summary of Wick Village