TPO Tree Works Application Fast Track Service

Fast Track Service for Applications for Works to Trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) - 4 week service

We now have a service available to ‘fast track’ works to trees subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) applications. 

We normally make a decision on a TPO application within the statutory 8 week period - this is usually between 6 and 8 weeks. The ‘fast track’ service guarantees a decision within 4 weeks. Applications will be assessed in the usual way, to Grant or Refuse the application.

Cost of ‘fast track’ service

The ‘fast track’ service comes with a charge of £60 (£50+ VAT) per application, payable when you submit an application. The standard, free, 8 week service, is still available. The ‘fast track’ service is simply an alternative option to obtain a quicker decision. 

Where there is more than one address, a separate application is required for each address. All the flats in a block of flats are treated as one address, for example, Flats 1 to 10, Bournemouth Court, No. 2 Bournemouth Road is one address.

Using the ‘fast track’ service

We have standard requirements for all TPO applications. These include that you provide:

  • a completed form
  • clear plans and description of work 
  • contact phone numbers to ensure efficient site visit arrangements and discussions
  • separate applications for different addresses
  • If you wish to use the ‘fast track service’, as well as supplying the above, when you submit your application, you will need to:
  • make clear that you wish to use this service
  • provide an email address for acknowledgements and copy of the decision
  • pay the ‘fast track’ fee of £60

Submitting a ‘fast track’ application

You can submit an application in the same way as a free 8 week application:

On the Planning Portal

You will need to send a separate email confirming your request to use the ‘fast track’ service (using email address below) 




Send a hard copy – Planning and Regulation, Town Hall Annexe, St Stephen’s Road, BH2 6EA

In all cases, please remember to make the £60 payment. 

(See below for details of how to pay)

Payment can be paid by

credit/debit card over the telephone - via customer services on 01202 451323.


by cheque - payable to Bournemouth Borough Council to the address above.

Please make clear what the money is for by writing on the back of the cheque, ‘fast track tree work application’ and site address.