Heritage, Conservation and Design

Our conservation areas protect Bournemouth’s
heritage by preserving trees and historic buildings. If you live in a conservation area, you might need permission to do any work to your house or to work on trees. Historic buildings may be listed to protect them

TPO Tree Works Application Fast Track Service

TPO Tree Works Application Fast Track Service

Churchill Gardens Grants

Churchill Gardens Conservation Area is currently offering grants to construction new front boundary walls where existing ones are missing or poor.

Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites

How we help to protect ancient monuments and archaeological sites and where to find further guidance

Conservation Areas in Bournemouth

Information on Bournemouth's conservation areas - where they are and how to find advice on planning permission & permitted development

Hedgerow Regulations

What we do to protect hedgerows in the countryside

High Hedges

What to do if a high hedge is causing a problem and when to contact the council about the issue

Listed Buildings and Gardens

How we use the planning process to help preserve historically important buildings and gardens

Promoting Good Design

Guidance to help achieve good quality design in building and the public realm, including information on Bournemouth Design Panel

Protected Trees

Guidance on carrying out work to trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders and in Conservation Areas



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