High Hedges

What to do if a high hedge is causing a problem and when to contact us for advice

You should first try to sort out your disagreement with the owner of the hedge directly. If you can't agree what to do about it the Citizens Advice Bureau can help you to find a local mediation service.

There is some useful advice on dealing with the issue in the government’s leaflet Over the garden hedge.

You should only contact us to help sort out a problem with high hedges as a last resort. We can intervene in a disagreement if a hedge consists of a line of two or more evergreen, or semi-evergreen trees or shrubs, it is over two metres high, and it blocks light or access.

Making a complaint

If you've used a mediator and still can't agree you can submit a complaint to us.

You'll need to include the following:

  • A cheque to cover our fee for £500  
  • Full details of why the hedge is causing a problem
  • Proof that you have tried to resolve the issue with the owner of the hedge within the last six months (for example records of letters, conversations and any other help you have used to try and solve the problem)

For further guidance, see High Hedges - complaining to the Council.

What we can do

We'll speak to both parties and visit both properties to assess the problem before deciding what action may be needed.

If we decide that the hedge is causing a significant nuisance we can issue a remedial notice requiring the owner of the hedge to keep it pruned to an appropriate height.

Both parties can appeal against our decision if they disagree with the outcome.