Listed Buildings and Gardens

Find out which buildings and gardens are protected in Bournemouth

Nationally Listed Buildings and Gardens

Some buildings in Bournemouth are nationally recognised for their architectural or historical interest. These are included in the National Heritage List for England (NHLE). This is controlled by Historic England.

To ensure that these ‘listed buildings’ are preserved for future generations, most kinds of alterations need special permission, known as listed building consent.

You can apply for listed building consent online or download a paper application form using the planning portal. Our booklet, Bournemouth’s Listed Buildings, contains some useful guidance for owners and occupiers. It includes a list of all listed buildings in the borough.

The NHLE also includes significant parks and gardens, and Bournemouth has two sites listed in the register. The Upper, Central and Lower Pleasure Gardens and Wimborne Road Cemetery.

Development close to a listed building or garden also needs to be designed in a way that respects its setting. The ‘Designated Heritage Assets’ policy in our Core Strategy explains how we deal with applications concerning listed buildings and gardens.

Locally Listed Buildings

We also have our own list of buildings that we think are important to the local area but aren’t listed by Historic England. This is known as the ‘Local List’.

Locally listed buildings are not controlled with the same legislation as nationally listed buildings. The ‘Local Heritage Assets’ policy in our Core Strategy explains how we deal with applications for alterations, extension or demolition of these buildings.

Our leaflet, The Local List, although not reflecting the latest planning policy, contains some useful background information. It includes an Appendix listing of all of the locally listed buildings in the borough.