Churchill Gardens Conservation Area

Heritage Grant scheme

About the grant scheme

Bournemouth Council has adopted an Appraisal and Management Plan for Churchill Gardens Conservation Area. This explains the historical development of the area, what makes it special in terms of its architectural features and sets out actions for how to address problems and improve the area.

The Management Plan identified reinstating lost original features that are characteristic to the area through a grant scheme as an action that could be considered by the Council. We are therefore introducing a grant scheme for the reinstatement of front boundary walls for eligible properties within the conservation area.

Improvements to front boundary walls have been identified as having the potential for significant positive visual impact- to bring the area together visually. This work will form the starting point for the grant scheme. It is hoped that it will act as a stimulus for other improvements to properties in Churchill Gardens.

What is involved with the grant scheme?

The grant scheme will pay for the construction of new front boundary walls where the existing ones are missing or their appearance is poor. Existing walls of good appearance will not be affected. Where a new boundary wall is replaced we will also install a new gate. The design of the wall and gates will be to standard designs, based on their appearance in the past.

What happens next?

If you are a property owner in the conservation area and would like to find out more please contact us:

Complete our online request form

or leave a message on 01202 451264 and a project officer will call you back. 

If you take up the offer of a grant you will need to enter into a formal legal agreement with the Council to release the funding for the works to be carried out. You are not obliged to take up our offer, but where the existing boundary wall is missing, in a poor condition or an inappropriate design for the area, we would encourage you to do so.

Who will carry out the work?

Responsibility for carrying out the work will rest with Bournemouth Council to achieve consistent quality and pricing. 

Where can I find out more about the Conservation area?

Further details can be found on the Churchill Gardens Management Plan and Appraisal page.