Appeals List


Ward : Westbourne & West Cliff

The table below lists the latest Planning Appeals and the confirmed dates for Public Inquiries/Hearings (where available) for Westbourne & West Cliff. Decisions are also shown in italic, for the previous two months. These are updated weekly (Last Updated : 10 Jan 2019)


List of current appeals.
Planning/Enforcement Reference* Address (and appeal type) Proposal Dates / Decisions
S78/2017/6500A Beau Court, 17 Portarlington Road
To fell one 10m copper beech (Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea') (T32) to prevent nuisance. Replant with one 2.5m black cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera 'Nigra') .  
7-2017-9473-P 25 McKinley Road
T1 (Holm oak), fell.  
7-2017-2218-AC Ashmore House 2 Grosvenor Road
T1 - Lime (T16 on TPO) - crown reduce by up to 2 metres or prune back lateral crown spread by up to 2 metres on West Cliff Court side of the crown, T2 - Beech (T17 on the TPO) - crown reduce by up to 2 metres or prune back lateral crown sp ...  
7-2018-5877-AP 30 West Hill Road
T4 (Scots pine), crown lift to a height of 5.2m above the highway and 5m above the car park area. Reduce the length of the first primary limb to the west by up to 2m to appropriate sized growth points. Remove major deadwood.  
7-2018-2611-BI Bay View Gardens 14 West Cliff Road
T1 - Beech - remove the small 10 cm diameter branch to the west that contains a ligature mark and which is likely to fail, T2 - Sycamore - the eastern component of a pair of trees - works are required to reduce the asymmetric canopy of the ...  
7-2018-26088-C 8 Branksome Dene Road
Erection of 2 dwellinghouses with associated access and parking Refused 17/12/2018
7-2018-557-Y 2 West Hill Road
Minor material amendment to condition no. 2 application no. 7-2017-557-T to vary plans and variation of condition no. 17 to re-position the bin store  
7-2017-5877-AM 32 West Hill Road
Alterations and extension of the mansard roof to form 5 additional hotel bedrooms  
7-2018-4671-W Studland Dene 2 Studland Road
Alterations and extensions to 3rd floor flat including formation of new 4th floor level (Flat 12)  
7-2018-4407-V 7 Sandbourne Road
Installation of replacement patio door (Flat 6)  
7-2018-26497-B 15 R L Stevenson Avenue
Alterations and 3 storey extension to dwellinghouse  

*Please note that reference numbers beginning with "7" are planning application appeals and those starting with "ENF" are enforcement appeals.