How We Process Planning Applications

How we handle planning applications and who is responsible for making the decisions

We assess planning applications against the development plan we have for the area. You’ll be able to view the progress of your application on our website, it takes about seven days for planning notices to appear.

We make a decision on most applications within eight weeks but major applications can take up to 13 weeks.

Once we advertise your application people will be able to tell us what they think about them by making written representations.

How we assess your application

When someone makes a planning application we look at:

  • Whether the proposal complies with relevant national, strategic and local planning policies
  • The effect of the proposal on existing neighbouring development and the local area
  • Comments from organisations such as English Heritage and Natural England
  • Any representations received regarding the proposal
  • The information we gathered during a site visit

Most applications are approved or refused by our Planning Officers, the more complicated applications are brought before the Planning Board.

If the board can't make a decision about your application they may defer, this might be so that they can ask for further information, or visit the site to help them decide..

After the decision has been made, we'll send you a decision notice. If you're not happy with our decision you can appeal.