Bournemouth Local Plan Review (Regulation 18)

Initial Stakeholder Consultation and Request for Potential Development Sites

We are preparing a review of the Local Plan for Bournemouth, to guide future development in the borough.

The current Local Plan

The existing statutory Local Plan for Bournemouth is currently made up of:

Local Plan Review Issues Consultation

We set out the issues that may need to be considered in a consultation document. Comments were invited during a consultation period which ran from 15th September 2017 - 10th November 2017.

During the same period we held a Call for Sites for the SHLAA 2017 Update and the Brownfield Land Register

Next steps

The Council will be publishing the representations received in response to the consultation document soon.

When we prepare the Local Plan Issues & Possible Options, we will consider all the comments we have received. This is due to be published for consultation in 2018.

How you can stay informed

To be kept informed about the Local Plan review and other planning policy consultations (if you are are not already on our Planning Policy database) please email



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