Community Infrastructure Levy Examination

Background information on the examination of the CIL Charging Schedule

The Council commenced charging CIL on 1st March 2016. Please refer to the CIL page for details. This page provides background information.

Examiner's Report published

Mr John Wilde CEng MICE was appointed by the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) to conduct an examination to consider if the Bournemouth CIL Draft Charging Schedule meets the requirements of the Planning Act and relevant CIL Regulations

The Examiner's final report was received on 30th October 2015 and recommended that, subject to modifications, the Charging Schedule be approved.

Examination Documents

An Examination Documents List is available to view.

Documents ref nos. ED 24 onwards can be viewed on this webpage.

Documents ref nos. ED 1 - 23 can be viewed on the Submission webpage.

Following the Hearing

After the CIL hearing sessions held on 20th August, the following letter was emailed to all respondents who have made representations in respect of the CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule, Draft Charging Schedule and Statement of Modifications. Please note that the opportunity for further brief comments is only open to those who have been emailed a copy of this letter.

ED 34 Letter dated 21st August 2015 emailed to respondents on previous stages of CIL consultation re suggested change to residential CIL rate in the light of the recent High Court Decision.

The email resulted in the following responses:

ED 37 Exam Mod response South West HARPs (Tetlow King Planning)

ED 38 Exam Mod response HLF Planning

ED 39 Exam Mod response Knightsbridge Student Housing (Jillings Hutton Planning)

ED 40 Exam Mod response McCarthy and Stone (The Planning Bureau)

Following the CIL hearing session the examiner put some further questions to the Council - ED 41 Examiners post hearing questions. The Council subsequently made the following responses to the questions – ED 42 - Council’s Response to the Examiner’s post hearing questions.

The following documents have been forwarded to the Examiner, as requested during the Examination:-

ED 35 Appraisal Sheet for extra care out of centre development site. Peter Brett Associates on behalf of Bournemouth Borough Council

ED 36 BCIS Costs for Student Accommodation. Peter Brett Associates on behalf of Bournemouth Borough Council


A Hearing was held on Thursday 20th August 2015 in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Bournemouth, BH2 6DY commencing at 10.00am. Details of the hearing sessions can be seen below.

ED 27 CIL Examiner's Main Issues and Questions including draft   timetable

ED 28 CIL Examiner's Briefing Note

Hearing Documents

ED 29 Bournemouth CIL - Economic Viability Study: Further testing for older person housing July 2015. Peter Brett Associates on behalf of Bournemouth Borough Council

ED 30 Bournemouth Borough Council's Response to Examiner's Issues and Questions July 2015

ED 31 Natural England's Response to Examiner's Issues and Questions   3 August 2015

ED 32 Bournemouth Borough Council's Suggested Minor Amendments to CIL Draft Charging Schedule for clarification August 2015

ED 33 High Court Judgement 31st July 2015. West Berkshire District Council, Reading Borough Council v Department for Communities and Local Government. Case No. CO/76/2015

Examination Documents 

The Inspector wrote to the Council on 11th May 2015 requesting further evidence on various matters relating to the viability testing of retail development:

ED 24 Initial request from Inspector for further evidence 11th May 2015

The Council has prepared a response on 22nd May 2015 in the form of a report setting out further explanation on retail testing:

ED 25 Council's response to Inspector's request for further evidence on retail testing 22nd May 2015

The Council received a total of 7 representations on the Statement of Modifications, which was published for a 4 week consultation period between 17th April and 15th May 2015. These can be seen on the link below.

ED 26 Representations on Statement of Modifications

ED 1 - 23: Submission Documents

Examination Documents ref ED 1 - 23, which were submitted on 17th April 2015, can be found on the Submission webpage

Submission of CIL Draft Charging Schedule

The Council submitted its CIL Draft Charging Schedule for examination on 17th April 2015. Details can be found on the Submission webpage.