Community Infrastructure Levy Expenditure and Monitoring

Find out how we spend the money raised from CIL and look at our CIL Annual Monitoring Reports

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge applied to new developments to help fund improvements to infrastructure. Information on CIL and the adopted Charging Schedule can be found here.

How we spend Community Infrastructure Levy Funds

The Council agreed a process of how we will spend CIL at Cabinet on 6th September 2017. The CIL Governance Cabinet Report can be viewed here

In accordance with CIL Regulations we allocate:-

  • 80% of total CIL to the Main CIL Fund which is spent on the Borough-wide infrastructure of a type that is identified on the Regulation 123 List
  • 15% of total CIL to the Neighbourhood Portion fund, allocated to each ward according to how much CIL liable development has taken place. This will be spent on infrastructure within the ward, in consultation with the local community. Find out more about this process at the CIL Neighbourhood Portion webpage
  • 5% of total CIL to assist with the administrative costs of CIL

Amounts of CIL Neighbourhood Portion funds available in each ward

The amounts of CIL currently available per ward are set out below:-

CIL Neighbourhood Portion amounts available per ward

The boundaries of the wards and part of ward areas are shown below:-

Map of wards and part of ward areas

CIL Annual Monitoring Reports

We are required to publish Annual Monitoring Reports of CIL income received and spending. These can be viewed below:-

CIL Annual Monitoring Report 2018/19

CIL Annual Monitoring Report 2017/18

CIL Annual Monitoring Report 2016/17