Planning Guidance

Covering a range of topics providing additional guidance to developers on how Local Plan policy will be applied
The table below lists the Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) and Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) for Bournemouth
Document NameStatus
BCP Parking Standards SPD

Adopted 5 January 2021

Dorset Heathlands Planning Framework SPD 2020 -2025 Adopted 31 March 2020
Tourist Accommodation Supplementary Planning Document Adopted April 2016
 Affordable Housing SPD Adopted April 2010
Bournemouth Public Realm Strategy SPD Adopted April 2013
Former Cliff End Hotel Site Development Brief SPD Adopted July 2013

Bournemouth Town Centre Development Design Guide SPD

Adopted April 2015
Bournemouth Parking SPD Adopted July 2014
Conversion to Flats SPG Adopted July 1999
Day Nurseries and Playgroups SPG Adopted January 2001


Additional guidance for developers on a range of topics
 Document Name Status

                       Waste and Recyling Services Planning Guidance Note                       (Standards for Storage and means of access to refuse and recycling containers)

October 2018
 Residential Development: A Design Guide  Adopted September 2008
 Residential Extensions: A Guide for Householders  Adopted September 2008
 Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) Adopted November 2003
Design Principles for Retail to Residential Conversions Adopted July 2000
Shopfronts: Guidelines for the Design of Shopfronts Undated