Affordable Housing

Recognising the need to increase the amount of affordable housing

Buying your own home has become increasingly expensive. The lack of affordable housing is a real problem in Bournemouth. We have put plans in place to provide more affordable housing options. 

Affordable Housing Development Plan Document

The Affordable Housing Development Plan Document (DPD) explains how developers of residential schemes will be required to contribute to affordable housing. This includes mixed use schemes,

The DPD was adopted in 2009 following public examination; you can view the Inspector's Report here.

Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document

An Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Advice Note for Developers was adopted in 2011. It explains how the Development Plan Document will be applied to affordable housing in Bournemouth.

An indication of financial contributions towards affordable housing provision where on site provision is not considered appropriate has been developed. See: Indicative Contribution Tables

The Council's approach to applying the vacant building credit and 10 unit threshold to affordable housing as a result of National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2018 and National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) can be seen in the following document

Forms for Section 106 Agreements

These forms need to be completed and sent in with any planning application you submit for new or additional dwellings

Commuted Payments Instruction Sheet for 10 or more dwellings

Commuted Payments Instruction Sheet for 9 or less dwellings

Section 106 Legal Agreement Proforma (to be completed in every case)

If the site area is 0.5 hectares or more,  please complete the form for 10 or more dwellings.

Notes for Applicants

If you think that your proposals can’t support the full provision of affordable housing on grounds of viability, you might find this information useful

  • All data (including financial data) submitted as part of a planning application will become public information once the application is registered. In exceptional circumstances, we may agree that sensitive information is excluded from this.
  • You’ll need to pay for verification of submitted data. This will be done by our preferred verifier (see Commuted Payments Instruction Sheet)
  • An administration fee of £200 plus VAT will be charged in addition to the verification fee outlined above
  • Our preferred independent verifier will determine our position on affordable housing contributions

We recommend that you use an industry recognised development appraisal toolkit. If you don’t use a toolkit, we will need you to complete the Viability Data Template. We will then consider viability. 


Frequently Asked Questions

A document giving answers to Affordable Housing frequently asked questions can be found here.