The Core Strategy

The Local Plan Core Strategy 2012, sets out policies for development in Bournemouth

The Local Plan Core Strategy forms an important part of the Local Plan for Bournemouth. We use these policies when we determine planning applications.

The Core Strategy:

  • Sets out how Bournemouth should develop in the future
  • Sets objectives and policies for Bournemouth
  • Puts a delivery strategy in place to achieve the objectives
  • Shows how the delivery of the strategy will be managed and monitored

Core Strategy Documents

Previous stages of the Core Strategy

The production of the Core Strategy had four main formal stages:

  • Issues and Options
  • Preferred Options
  • Pre-Submission
  • Examination and adoption

Inspector’s Report

The Local Plan Core Strategy was submitted to the Secretary of State on 16th November 2011.

The Inspector produced a report on the examination into the Core Strategy. He concluded that the Core Strategy was ‘sound’ subject to some modifications.

The Core Strategy was adopted by Bournemouth Borough Council on 30th October 2012. 


Examination Details

Core Strategy Schedule of Main Modifications

Following examination of the Core Strategy, we proposed a Schedule of Main Modifications to the document.

The Council prepared a Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment: Supplementary Statement on Proposed Main Modifications.


Submission Documents

The table below lists the documents we submitted for examination purposes:

The Bournemouth Plan: Core Strategy Pre-submission Consultation Document

Regulation   30.1(a)

The Bournemouth Plan: Core Strategy Pre-submission Sustainability Appraisal

Regulation   30.1(b)

The Bournemouth Plan: Core Strategy Proposals Map Changes

Regulation   30.1(c)

Statement of Community Involvement

Regulation   30.1(d)

Regulation 25 Consultation Statement

Regulation   30.1(e)

Regulation 28 Statement

Regulation   30.1(f)

Copies of representations made on The Bournemouth Plan: Core Strategy Pre-submission Consultation Document

Regulation   30.1(g)

Other supporting documents