Learning to Drive

We've rounded up some helpful advice for learner drivers

The Government has put together an A - Z for learner drivers, this includes information on booking your theory and practical test as well as how to find a good driving instructor.

Practicing with Family or Friends

If you are planning to practice with family members or friends it is important that they understand the law.

Anyone you practise your driving with must:

  • be over 21
  • be qualified to drive the type of vehicle you want to learn in
  • have had their full driving licence for 3 years 

It is illegal to use a mobile phone while supervising a learner driver.

Refresher Courses for Older Drivers

We work in partnership with Dorset County Council and Borough of Poole to make sure drivers of all ages have the skills they need to stay safe. Dorset Driver Gold provides an opportunity to update your driving skills and confidence on the road, as well as refresh your knowledge on topics such as the Highway Code, modern driving techniques, and how to keep driving safely for longer.