Bus Stops and Shelters

We provide bus shelters through our contract with Clearchannel

Damaged Bus Shelters

To report damage to a bus shelter either telephone 01730 231115 or email ClearChannelPetersfield@clearchannel.co.uk

Please provide a clear description of the location. All shelters have an identification number which starts 2201, please provide this if possible.

Bus Stop and Shelter Guidance

This details our arrangements for bus stops and shelters.

Displays at Bus Stops

At a number of key bus stops in Bournemouth an electronic display indicates when the next buses are due. The sign will show either a time for the bus to arrive or a countdown in minutes of when the bus is due.

Faulty Displays

There may be occasions where the displays become faulty or do not show any information; if this happens please email ClearChannelPetersfield@clearchannel.co.uk or telephone 01730 231115, giving the location of the faulty display.