Apply For A Bus Pass

People who have reached state pension age and people with certain disabilities can apply for a free bus pass

Who can have a free bus pass?

People whose main home is in Bournemouth and who:

  • have reached the state pension age for women (whether you are a woman or man). You can check if you're the right age to apply for a bus pass here:
  • Children can apply with a disability 

or have one or more of the following disabilities:

  • blind or partially sighted
  • profoundly or severely deaf
  • without speech
  • a disability which has a substantial or long-term effect on your ability to walk
  • don’t have arms or have lost the use of both arms long term
  • learning disability or can’t get a driving licence due to medical reasons

The information we need when you apply 

  • A recent passport sized photograph
  • Proof of identity (for example, birth certificate, passport, repeat prescription or driving licence)
  • Your national insurance number
  • If you are applying for a bus pass because you are disabled, we need evidence to show you qualify for a pass
  • If you need a companion pass, we need to see a letter from your GP to say you aren't able to travel alone

How much does a bus pass cost?

The bus pass is free, but you’ll need to pay to get a passport photo as we don’t provide these.

We can take photographs at the Town Hall for a charge of £2.

How long do bus passes last?

Bus passes can last from 1 year to 5 years.

If you have a bus pass due to a medical reason and is a ‘reduced term pass’ the expiry date may be the same as the date on the evidence you gave us when you applied.

I don’t live in Bournemouth, can I apply?

No. You have to apply to your own council to get a bus pass. We only deal with applications from people who live in Bournemouth.

If you have a second home in Bournemouth, please apply to the council where your main home is.