Update Or Amend Your Bus Pass

If you need to update the details on your bus pass please let us know

Change of address

Moving in Bournemouth

If your new home is still in Bournemouth just get in touch and tell us your new address and we'll update your details. If we send your renewed pass to your old address and you have since moved there will be a £10 charge to re-send the pass to your new address.  

Moving away from Bournemouth

If you're moving to somewhere outside of Bournemouth please return your pass to us and apply to your new council.

Change in circumstances

If you need to upgrade your current buss pass to include a companion to have somebody travel with you at all times we will need to see a supporting letter from a medical professional. This upgrade will be free of charge.

Conditions of a companion pass is that you can only travel when you have a companion with you.