Road Safety In Bournemouth

Find out about road safety information, advice and support that's available to help everyone travel safely in our town

Making our roads safer

Our Road Safety Report details all the valuable work we do to keep our roads safe. If you'd like further advice or information about road safety work please email our Road Safety Team.  

See our summary of reported road casualties in 2015 against 2014. Also against the 2005/09 National Indicators and Local Targets.

Read the new Dorset Road Safety Newsletter. Find out more about the fantastic partnership work that's happening across the county to improve road safety. We also encourage people to take advantage of the many schemes available for all road user groups.

In March 2017, the penalties for holding and using your mobile phone while driving increased. It’s now 6 points and £200.

Any time a driver’s attention is not on the road can be dangerous. That’s why THINK!’s latest campaign challenges the misconception that a quick glance at your phone won’t hurt.

The THINK! Safer Cycling Campaign. An initiative to remind cyclists to 'hang back' at junctions. Avoid getting caught between a lorry and a left hand turn.  

Road safety for adults

  • Dorset Driver Gold is designed for people aged 65 or over. It is for those who have an interest in updating their skills and knowledge. They want help in familiarising themselves with a new vehicle or simply want to gain confidence.  
  • Adult cycle training. We provide Adult Bikeability training through our team of nationally accredited Bikeability Instructors. It is for anyone over 16 who lives, works or studies in Bournemouth. Sessions cover safety checks, basic bike control skills and route planning.
  • Bike Maintenance Courses - we have recently launched our new regular Bike Maintenance Courses. They offer instruction on basic bicycle maintenance, which will give you the confidence to maintain and fix minor repairs.
  • Mini Bus Driving Training. One day training courses for anyone who wants to drive a minibus (a vehicle containing 9-16 passenger seats). This is provided at a school or other suitable location.
  • Life Drive is free young driver training. Designed to reduce accidents by building on the skills and experience of young drivers (Life Drive Evaluation recently completed). Email or phone 01202 591330.
  • Car Seat Check Clinics - An alarming number of child car seats are incorrectly fitted. We would like to help ensure that drivers make sure their in-car child seats are fitted correctly. 
  • Making the conduct of driving instructors clearer - a new version of the approved driving instructor (ADI) register guide has been published.
  • ScootWise Mobility Scooter and Powered Wheelchair Training - SafeWise Bournemouth is providing safety awareness courses for mobility scooter users. Also those thinking of purchasing a mobility scooter in Dorset.
  • Motorcycle training - You can try a free one hour training session at Kings Park. Check out the Get On Campaign website for more details.
  • Flood Water - Please be aware of the dangers of driving through flood water. Heed the advice from the AA in dealing with this dangerous weather condition.

Road safety for children and young people

  • Cycle training for children aged 10 and over. Our free Bikeability course combines Bikeability Levels 1 and 2. It aims to increase road safety awareness for young cyclists on the road.

    We also provide free Level 3 courses for children who have completed level 1 and 2. This helps to improve their skills on more challenging roads and junctions. These free courses are funded through the Department for Transport.
  • STEPs Safety Training Education Programme for Primary school children in Years 1 and 4.  
  • CCTV cameras are being deployed outside Bournemouth Schools to deter illegally stopping vehicles. 
  • Pre-school road safety. We lend out road safety equipment to pre-school groups to teach road safety skills before they start school. The equipment is free and you can borrow it for one week at a time. If you'd like to know more, please email our Road Safety team.                         
  • School Crossing Patrols. We recruit and manage the School Crossing Patrol service. We're also responsible for risk management at school crossing patrol sites and any engineering and traffic measures which are needed there.

    Apply for one of our current permanent vacancies or to apply for a position as either a mobile relief patroller or a relief patroller specific to a particular school.

    Please email: or contact us on 01202 454636 for an application or further details.

How to find out about road traffic accidents

You can ask us for information about traffic accidents by sending a plan of the area you're interested in. Let us know the dates you want to know about. We provide accident detail listing (stats 19) and can also plot the accidents. This will cost from £100 (+ VAT) for requests made for commercial purposes. Contact us to find out more.

National campaigns and useful resources