CCTV Cameras Outside Schools

Road safety outside local primary schools to be addressed

Trial of fixed enforcement cameras to improve safety at school gates

CCTV cameras will be deployed outside Bournemouth schools to deter illegally stopping vehicles.

Many schools are concerned about children’s safety being impacted by parking on ‘school keep clear’ zig zag lines. Especially during dropping off and picking up times.

In the interests of safety, Bournemouth Council are seeking to change the behaviour of those who continue to park on school zig zags. This potentially puts children’s lives at risk.

Cllr Mike Greene, Cabinet Member for Transport, Sustainability & Carbon Management said: "The zig zag lines provided outside our schools are there to protect our children. Making the road safer to cross.

We request parents and carers work with us. Leave enough time to park further away from school gates and walk the last part of their journey.”

Cameras will record vehicles stopping on zig zags and provide evidence for the issuing of penalty charge notices.

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