STEPS Road Safety Training For Children

STEPS (Safety Training and Education for Pedestrians) teaches primary school children how to cross the road safely

How STEPS is delivered

During school time, trained volunteers teach Year 1 and Year 4 children. There are practical roadside lessons and some classroom-based activities. 

What children learn

  • 1st steps - choosing safe places and routes to cross the road
  • 2nd steps - crossing safely between parked cars
  • 3rd steps - crossing safely at junctions  

Road safety is important

Nearly 40,000 children are killed or injured each year as a result of road accidents. Most of these accidents happen close to home, on journeys to and from school.

STEPS training helps children learn the skills they need to keep safe when crossing the road. 

You can help

Practice road safety with your child.

How to get STEPS information to your school

STEPs training is currently being delivered to Primary Schools in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. If it's not available in your school, we're happy to send information about the scheme.

Please email with your details.