Christchurch Road

We are making improvements along Christchurch Road between A35 Southbourne Road and Iford roundabout

Major improvements to walking, cycling and bus facilities along Christchurch
Road, between Southbourne Road and Iford are well underway.

Improvements on Christchurch Road will result in:

  • Segregated cycle lanes
  • New parking bays
  • Raised crossing points for pedestrians across side roads
  • Upgraded street lighting
  • New signal controlled crossing near Exton Road
  • New zebra crossing, west of Waltham Road
  • Changes to parking restrictions on Christchurch Road only
  • Reduced traffic congestion

In order to keep disruption to a minimum, construction has been rolled out in a phased approach.

Iford Roundabout Improvements

Planned improvements to this area include:

  • New cycle facilities to improve safety on the roundabout
  • Widening Christchurch Road accommodating a two lane approach from Christchurch
  • Upgrading the existing signal controlled crossing on Castle Lane East to include cycling
  • A New Toucan crossing across Christchurch Road for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Narrowing of the westbound, Christchurch Road exit from the roundabout to slow vehicles
  • Raised junctions on Castle Parade and Bridle Crescent to slow vehicles and shorten crossing distances for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improvements to bus stops
  • Upgraded low energy street lighting
  • A New zebra crossing on Iford Lane