Richmond Hill

Improvements to revitalise this part of town are now complete

Works to revitalise Richmond Hill and create a more vibrant and fresh welcome to the town centre are now complete.

Visitors to Richmond Hill now benefit from a safer layout with better options for how they travel to work and the shops.

Delivered as part of the government funded Three Towns Travel programme, the improvements are part of the our ongoing commitment to reduce congestion and enhance the local environment.

The recently completed improvements include a segregated cycle lane, better facilities for pedestrians, new cycle stands and a modern road layout with a 20mph speed limit. Changes were also made to enhance the overall look and feel of the area, including adding new seating and planting trees.

The aim of the new layout is to create a safer environment for all those travelling through the area. The idea is to slow people down and encourage them to take additional care as there may be some uncertainty as to who has priority.

As part of the improvements a restricted parking zone has also been introduced on Richmond Hill and surrounding roads. Under the new restrictions motorists are only permitted stop in clearly marked bays, and parking in the new cycle lane is not permitted at any time.